Meet Our New Employees

April 2023

We are pleased to announce that Lundan Lane and Gary Rosenberger will join Critter Sittin’ Sisters as part-time pet sitters.  They will both begin their journey with us May 1, 2023.   Lundan will be our main part-time pet sitter, and Gary will help out during peak times or when our schedule is unusually busy. 

Three years ago we planned to hire Lundan, but labor laws kept us from making that happen.  Fast forward to 2023…Lundan reached out to us to let us know that she was still interested.  We were thrilled and are very excited to bring her onboard.  Lundan has an extraordinary love for all animals and has shown this through her volunteer work at the Yellow River Wildlife Sanctuary for two years and Bluebird Farms for five years.  At the age of nine, while living in California, she sponsored a horse and volunteered at Oak Meadows Ranch.  In her free time she likes to research different animals and has uploaded this research on YouTube.  She currently lives in Loganville with her family’s three cats and three small dogs of her own.  She hopes to soon welcome some reptile friends too!  As mentioned, Lundan will be our main part-time pet sitter to include pet sitting, dog walking, and overnight stays.

Gary is one of our clients and lives in the same neighborhood as Val.  He is retired from the medical device field.  He is originally from Rhode Island but currently lives in Snellville with his wife, daughter and four cats.  As a child Gary developed his love for animals through his mother’s work with the ASPCA.  In his free time, he enjoys gardening and working around the house.  He also enjoys listening to old jazz music and is excellent at finding bargains!  As mentioned, Gary will be assisting with pet sitting as needed during excessively busy times.