2020 Update

We have not posted much on our website in a while.  Since then we have been dealing with the COVID19 pandemic, as all of you have.  We are still open and watching pets as needed.  We have also been running errands and other odd jobs for our current clients in order to stay afloat and busy.  We can’t thank our awesome clients enough for their enormous generosity and support.  We would not be staying in business without your help.  THANK YOU!  We are taking the precautionary steps to keep healthy and safe and also keeping our client’s homes clean and safe.  We are wearing gloves & masks and using hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes as needed.

We are still available for new clients who do NOT need an overnight stay.  We are just booked up with overnight clients.  So if you are looking for a new pet sitter to do one or several visits per day, we can schedule a meet & greet.  We still need to come to your home to meet you & your pets, to see the set up and routine, and to fill out paperwork.  During these times, we can have you fill out the paperwork in advance online; however, it is important for us to meet especially if you have dogs.  We will be cautious when meeting you by wearing gloves and a mask.

Currently we have been experiencing problems with accessing our Facebook page.  We are hoping to have that resolved soon.  That is usually a good place to interact with us.  However, the best way to reach us quickly is by email, phone or text message rather than message via Facebook.

We are hoping our lives get back on track soon.  Hang in there!